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Leto is a simple and versatile graphics app for iPhone. With its robust tools Leto makes it easy to develop your creative ideas apps like Instagram and TikTok.

* Not all features of the app are available

One editor for all types of content:
stories, posts and any other format

Leto is always there to help you with any task.
Create beautiful photo collages, professional designs and stunning captions. Promote your personal brand, design a work project or edit a video by adding subtitles, labels and stickers. Everything in one place!

New fonts, stickers and backgrounds: every week

We are adding new trending fonts, stickers and backgrounds every week!

A world of possibilities

We are constantly updating and adding new features to make your ideas even brighter!

What our users say!

A cool app
helps me every day
at work.
I recommend it!


238k Subscribers


Everything is very simple
and clear.
Easy to use in stories.


1.8М Subscribers


You are just crazy
how it is all
this possible
in one application


1M Subscribers



A convenient editor
for creating content

Complete freedom of creativity. Choose a background for stories, add beautiful captions or trending stickers. Everything to get unique content that will attract attention.


Neural Eraser

Remove the background from the photo in one click. In the Editor, add a layer with a photo and by long pressing on the layer, select «Neural Eraser».

Magic in action!


Editor and Projects

Create a project in the Editor and share it with a friend or a Customer. The saved project can be edited anywhere – on a trip or at home. A huge amount of graphic materials is available in the application for your ideas.


Automatic subtitles
for videos

Many of your subscribers watch videos without sound.

You no longer need to write subtitles manually. Leto generates subtitles automatically. Easily adapt them to your project: change the font, add appearance animation or stickers.


AR (Augmented Reality)

– is when fonts and stickers become part of the real component of the world around them.

Record video of the virtual environment and share it on social media.

Convenient tools for content design

Simple and intuitive functions for daily use

Auto Subtitles

Create subtitles for your video without typing the text to each phrase.


Set your creative ideas in the right mood. The application has a huge number of trending stickers.


Repaint fonts, stickers and your own photos in any color. Add colors to your creativity.

The app in the App Store


How do I cancel my subscription?

In the App Store app – Account – Subscriptions. Only you can cancel your subscription. Learn more: or follow the link:

How to issue a refund?

You can request a refund through Apple support, as it processes all payments. Learn more:

Lost access to fonts. What to do?

Install the current version of the app from the App Store and click «Restore» at the bottom of the purchase screen or in the Settings.

Can I use the content for commercial purposes?

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* Not all features of the app are available Android platform


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